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VRBO makes finding homes easier but could be improved.

My family and I have been using VRBO for the last 10 years or so to find properties all over the U.S. it helps to have such a large variety of homes in one search engine but I feel that the app itself could be improved. For instance making favorites folders, showing which homes are booked in those folders, which homes owners charge extra for guests, ect.

Efficient and clear to use

Loved being able to use Apple Pay.

Property picking fun!

Clear and crisp pictures of the properties make searching for the perfect property a total blast!

Misrepresented Photos

I’m looking at North Shore rentals and I’m only interested in Beach front, ocean view properties. Owners should not be allowed to “lead” with an ocean gallery photo when they are not ocean front. I’ve wasted much time looking at rentals with NO ocean view, but yet they show ocean photos “4 blocks away.” I know where the ocean is. This should be reviewed for a posting policy amendment.

Final payment

I’ve called three times today and have not been able to speak to a good English speaking customer service representative. They’ve told me to call a certain phone number that I have not been able to speak to anyone. I’ve stayed on hold for more than 15 at a time before getting disconnected twice. I left a message as I was instructed. I have not gotten a call back and it has been 3 hours.

Easy to use

Easy to use with the app or computer. Good response times.


Easy booking

Oceania 515 Palm

Well read this review for a sense of how it went. The trip started poorly as the Airlines lost our luggage. It was returned the next day to the wrong location but out rental agent got it and delivered it for us. We had a condensation leak in AC and Richi sent someone in a hurry to check it. It resolved that day. Now the thing is the place was beautiful. Very clean and had all you would need. It has dishes and pots and pans as well as soap, laundry soap a supply of towels, linens, paper products and the place was very comfortable. The view was incredible from the balcony and the sunsets were picturesque. The three pools and the grounds were extremely well maintained and the security guards were very friendly and accommodating. We are going back next July and can’t wait.

Palm Beach Property 340617

My husband, my son and I stayed in this condo for 4 nights. We loved it! The two master suites with king size beds and private baths was perfect. It also had a half bath. Our room looked out over the pool on a large balcony with doors from the living room and one of the bedrooms. We spent our mornings out there drinking coffee and looking at the ocean. The ocean temperature was perfect, along with the wonderful soft white sand. There were MANY restaurants to choose from. We will definitely be returning. Thank you Caroline for a great week!

Hidden fees all over the place.

Maybe be more upfront about cost.. too many hidden fees on this site.

Summer Relaxation

We had a wonderful experience with our rental! The location was so convenient and the beach was fabulous! We have traveled to many locations including Destin last year and this home was by far the most warm and relaxing. Our stay was absolutely worry-free. I would highly recommend this home to anyone wanting to stay in the Destin area. Amenities nearby and super convenient! Beautiful and clean home that is so cozy. Will definitely stay here again and suggest to our fellow travelers. ***** stars!

Terrible experience

Vacation Dates kept saying were available, but we’re not available after I submitted my card information - happened 4 times in a row with different properties. Then I spent 28 minutes on the phone with customer service, and the property is still not booked or the problems resolved!


Need to have an amenity icon for boat dockage. It’s a big deal for places like Florida Keys. Thanks

Rental Searches

Very easy to navigate, easy to contact

Easy Booking

Loved the old VRBO, hate the new company has added all the extra fees!

I like it.

Works well but the message the owner portion doesn’t let you scroll to see your whole message if writing on a cellphone

Rental properties

You hardly have any rentals that will allow for 1 dog. You should encourage owners to be more pet friendly especially for summer vacations

106A Queen Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Rental was invested with rats.

Good app

Easy to use application. I have been using it multiple times.The only thing I don't like is the imprecision of the pricing: sometimes price per night is over valued, more often under valued.

Very user friendly!

I like the ease of being able to get a hold of owners via VRBO. Very user friendly

Refund on a property rental

I am due a refund on a property that we rented, but cancelled within the appropriate time. However, I have only received a partial refund. My problem is that I have contacted the owner and VRBO numerous times only to be told that they are not the ones responsible for the refund. Finger pointing at its best! I was even told to contact my credit card company to see if they can get me the refund!! That’s absurd! I have been dealing with this for nearly 3 months with no resolution in sight! The property owner is Jacy Harris and she owns a condo in Gatlinburg, TN. DO NOT TRUST HER! I also no longer have any faith in the VRBO/Homeaway group! They are a useless group and cannot resolve your issues if it involves money!! I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau.....whatever good that does I do not have a clue!!

Pineapple cottage

We were in town for a baseball tournament which was held at the space coast stadium- at first I was hesitate due to the drive back and forth but it was so worth the drive everyday. We really enjoyed this neighborhood- the bikes and beach toys where a huge plus. I was able to wash clothes and cook meals. Home was clean and very well kept up. The beach area was perfect and just a 1/2 block away- safe walk in for the kids- we arrived to fresh flowers and fruit.. you cannot go wrong with your stay here- will come back again in the future. Thanks Shaye

Who wants Hotels?

Love everything VRBO! The warmth and comfort exceeds any hotel experience! Cost effective and beyond. Hotels are sterile. VRBO is AARP easy. We have used it now for over a year. Will never go back to hotels. Owners are hospitable and gracious to work with. Best of home comforts on the road makes for the best in travel across the country! Only way for families to afford to travel! Why wait?

Bad app

I’ve reserved a house but can’t get information on checking in!

Save favorites

Love the app. It will not allow me to save favorites.

Blue Cottage on Lookout Mountain

Blue Cottage and owner, Natalie, is a fantastic decorated cottage full of artistic touches. A very relaxing place to stay. Lookout Mountain attractions and neighboring historical sites in valley are informative, and beautiful. We loved enjoying the cottage yard and hot tub and walk down gravel road to view the sunsets and clouds from the glider take off, even caught several gliders in flight!

Great app!

Easy to sort and save search results and find your perfect vacation destination!

Be VERY Careful

I rented a house in Naples, FL (Casa Del Mar) The House was completely nothing like the pictures posted on the website. It was in very bad shape complete with falling hand rails, hanging rusty shingles, exposed wiring, falling light fixtures, dirty pool, broken jacuzzi, ant infestation in kitchen and more (all documented via picture and video and sent to VRBO). My negative review of the property and owner (Michael Page) never made it to the website. This leads me to believe there are other hidden negative reviews out there on this property. There were a number of suspiciously positive reviews that seemed as if they were paid.

Not as good as Airbnb

You have to enter in all your payment info before you are told whether a property is available. I’d prefer to pay when I know I am booking a property. Airbnb is better.

Renter’s beware

I have rented over 9 different properties through VRBO. I’ve NEVER been disappointed. Properties are as described. There are no hidden fees. Booking is safe, secure and instantaneous. I’ve also had the misfortune to rent properties in the same area, from other agencies. They were absolute nightmares!! From bug infestations, molded, rotted kitchens to cabinets literally hanging of hinges. The smell and filth have been beyond belief! Interesting thing, those units were in the community as the others I rented off VRBO. Go with what others know 😁


I will NOT use VRBO/HomeAway any more. I recently did quite a bit of research trying to find the right place for the end of this month, that said $115 avg/night.” And “min 2 days rental,” in two different places. However, when I went to book my two days, I got an error message that said “minimum 3 nights.” However, there were not three nights available during my dates, only two. I wrote to the management company and let them know this, they thanked me for bringing it to their attention so it could be changed, but it was not. Also, I called the management company and talked to them about our dates. They called the owner and got it approved to rent during our two nights. However, the cost was actually $160/night...”because the owner wanted a higher rate during 8/31-9/4. However, we were CHECKING OUT on 8/31, so therefore should not have been subject to the higher rate. I feel the “avg nightly rate” is deceptive/false advertising...I was told this rate is the average rate for the whole year. But we were booking on a Wednesday and Thursday, so the rate should not have been high like a weekend. Plus there was a $100 cleaning fee. I’m accustomed to cleaning fees, but not one that expensive. I usually leave places in better condition than when I arrive. I have also done my own laundry and cleaned up after myself and had the cleaning fee waived. If a cleaning fee is always charged, this should be included in the “avg daily rate.” And travel insurance per night, which is a complete waste of money within 30 days, because it’s not like we can cancel, anyway...but they still charge it. I asked what it gets us, and was told “essentially nothing.” Junk fee.

It was easy.


Ok but needs a file function

The site would work even better if you categorize and store favorites in specialized folders. It would also be nice to compare selected properties based on map location and amenities.

Buggy and can’t log in

Trying to log in with Facebook doesn’t work, just keeps me on login screen.

Great way to find travel lodging

We’ve been using VRBO to find rentals for vacations for some time now and have always had good luck. The app is easy to use and provides good information


Not at all what we hoped for:( We had family fly in from Chicago to stay in the Malibu Beach House just for the weekend. The details said all amenities included, but there was no air conditioning and it was extremely stuffy and hot. We figured we could open the slider to the screen to get air circulation, but screen door was stuck. The place smelled of rotten eggs and had flies and spiders. The microwave also not working. Probably the biggest deceit is the pictures make it look like you can easily get to the beach, but you have to basically crawl under the house (low) and over very unsteady rocks. Very difficult and hard to bring chairs, etc. It was so bad, we left and came home not even staying for the already purchased Saturday night:(


My husband and I have been using VRBO for every trip we have taken. We have turned friends onto this way of planning a trip and they wished they had known about this site years ago.

Hijacking my user experience

This app, combined with the VRBO web site force IPhone users to install and go through the app just to look at a listing. I don’t want to have to go to an app just to look at a couple pictures.


Booking was so fast and easy....I Love it....

Was great until the past month

This app was really helpful until this past month when I quit getting notifications and can’t see details of bookings. I’ve updated my iPhone, the app, deleted and reinstalled, etc. Thankfully my co-host is still getting updated but there is a definite problem that needs addressed for this to be useful.

Bamboo House Eugene Oregon

Best place ever! We had the most adorable cottage style house to enjoy our visit to Eugene Oregon. This place allowed us so much privacy, yet was friendly and family oriented that our grandchildren were able to spend time with us. Amy and Jason are the best host and hostess ever. We hope to return one day soon and this is where we’d want to stay. Thank you for a terrific stay!!❤️❤️

Once Good, Now Meh!

What a huge disappointment this app has become. Add that to poor policies and a company that does support its customer base anymore. I was a huge fan. 8 properties in the last 2 months but the hassles and poorly managed calendars and cancelations have made it more trouble than its worth. Frequent cancelations and then you get to start the process over again. I’m on my last trip then I’m done.


Every easy to maneuver through app. The reviews are great and give you a great insight into what you are getting for your buck.

Lodging for work

App provides detailed information on available bookings, rates, policies, and allows user to specify desired amenities and send messages and questions prior to booking.

Tampa location property

I think that it is pretty low that the manager can change an invoice by $20.00, this not having my original payment go thru and then as a result we lost the opportunity to rent the property. We should have at least been given time to make our payment!

Less than pleased

We have stayed in another floating house at Whitman Hollow in the past and have really enjoyed our stay. I would have to say that we are leaving this time and cannot say the same. The house is advertised that it can sleep 14 people. There were 10 of us, and yes there was plenty of room for us to sleep but there was very few places for everyone to sit together. There is a small futon in the living room, 5-6 stools at the kitchen table (1 was too loose to sit on), 7 chairs on the deck. The grill was in very bad shape and did not work properly. All of the beds need to be replaced, they are very uncomfortable and make noises when you roll over. There is a TV that we were not able to get the cable to work on. There is no wi-fi, and very little cell phone service. It was raining and we were all stuck inside with no TV and no service. Overall, the house itself wasn’t that bad it is nicely decorated and has potential to be a very nice place!!

Peace of mind

This is a fabulous place to get away. Good crabbing, a seal trying to get his share if attention as well. Thank you for all the extra little touches as well. We will beback! 😊👍🏻

Owner cancelled the place

I reserved a place and after 24 hours the owner cancelled it. Due to this my trip got cancelled

Great Feautures

I love the feature to use the map to choose the exact area I want. It has the typical features also.

My rental info disappeared

Downloaded the app, looks very nice, easy to understand, but under upcoming trips, my information was there, and has since disappeared. There is no way to report issues in the app either. I even double checked for updates. Very disappointing.

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