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Damage deposit

We checked out at 2am on oct 3rd and still have not received our damage deposit back it’s pathetic and I was lied to and told it would go back the day we left as soon as the condo was inspected!!!! So I’m guess they just steal” that money and you will never see it again

Beware of the average price

Searched for rentals with dates entered. The average price per night does not match at all the average nightly rate when you check out. And going right back to AirBnB.


I have tried to book 3 condos through VRBO. The first arm to have gone through ok. The next 2 were in Florida and showed as available. Bit each time the owner didn’t approve the transaction and said it was booked. Very disappointing. Hard to book w confidence. Not sure what will happen when I show up for the one that supposedly went through. Use caution.

Thanks for the great help booking

Thank you!

The worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with

I’ve been on and off the phone with customer service all day trying to make reservations for 2 upcoming trips. No one has been able to help me or answer any of my questions. It’s been extremely frustrating.

Poor experience

Do yourself a favor and use AirBnB.


I think it would be great to have an option to select for Entire Property. Some locations have shared properties so it would be easier to filter and find out if you are renting the entire property versus messaging each owner/manager to see if that specific property is shared

Realtors using this site to bait and switch

Just be careful about who you are dealing with. It could be a realtor or property manager trying to lure you to more expensive units and not an actual owner. The site operators claim to care but really don’t. My booking experience went like this. Found a unit listed by a Premier Partner. Booked it, received a confirmation, was emailed a cancellation notice 4 hours later. The lister then sent an email offering various more expensive units. Called and complained, unit calendar was updated to indicate it was not available for my timeframe. A week later the calendar was edited to show that the unit was available again for my time period. Made a new complaint. Never received a response. The unit is still listed.

Wasting my time

You need to update availability I spend hours looking at properties and requests only to be told sorry it’s not updated !!! I am getting sick of wasting my time I have used you a lot in the past but am getting to point I’ll give you miss of those who rent from you aren’t encouraged to stop being so darn lazy


We booked a house and were declined because the owner hadn’t set the rates for 2019. We’ve been renting from VRBO for years and were disappointed.

Easy to use

VRBO is easy to use and very helpful in finding a place for vacation. The app is helpful when setting features such as bringing along pets and filtering out homes which aren’t pet friendly. I highly recommend using this when you book your next vacation. It’s much better than staying in a hotel and much more fun with the family.

Beach Cottage

Super cute with great backyard.

Sweet Spot in Westminster

Just returned from a lovely stay in Westminster. Erik’s home was just the right size for our group of four adults, but you can sleep six if need be. The apartment was very clean, nicely furnished and had plenty of amenities. We were close to groceries, pubs, cafes and Victoria Station. We had a small issue and Erik came through with a quick response and remedy within hours which was greatly appreciated. Will definitely visit Erik’s home again. Five star all the way. Thank you again Erik!!! Cheers!

Unacceptable customer service experiences

The app is okay at finding rentals. However, my first experience with VRBO was so terrible that it will certainly be my last unless they improve their customer service support and fix their cancellation policies to protect renters who get ignored by the rental owner/manager. We unfortunately got a rental that was manage by someone who did not respond for days. I VRBO directly first through the website online chat support, which seemed to be positive, but then I was told to call the corporate customer service hotline number to speak with an agent to “escalate” my grievance about the lack of communication from the rental owner/manager. Because of the lack of contact from the manager and a negative review on the property I was confused about how to proceed and whether or not this rental was legit or a scam. I requested to cancel, and the manager finally responded by cancelling the rental and keeping the $1,700+ for 4 nights. So now we are out $1,700+ and have no rental! The agent from VRBO kept referencing policies and sounded cold and unable to make any changes or even partial refunds. At times, the agent could barely be understood. The customer service was abysmal at best. Apparently, VRBO does not do a good job at quality control and keeping property owners/managers in check to ensure customer satisfaction and good communication.

False advertising for Notchbrook Condo 33ABC

Disappointing to see the condition of this condo and not be able to use pool and sauna as advertised Stowe Country Rental misled me about the amenities and the condition of condo is it worthy of $500/night.

With gratitude!

This place was a perfect fit! It was clean and very comfortable, The view, fire pit and hot tub were all an oasis! The traveled and toured and found the house a great hub for our family. The three king beds and three full baths have us privacy and space to rest. We highly recommend it and want to return soon!

Cannot hey in. Nobody to call

Got to the VBO address. Nobody to call. No way to get in.

Frustrating experience

After spending hours searching for the right vacation rental I went through the process of booking it and I kept getting an error message. It asked to check the credit card information and to resubmit. I tried over and over and it would not go through. I even called my credit card company to make sure it wasn’t getting declined and they told me they had no record of the attempted transaction. So they never received the request for payment! Why was it getting stuck in your system? Eventually I switched from my Discover Card to a VISA and it finally went through. Your website lists Discover as an acceptable method of payment. You wasted valuable time of my day just to give you MY business!

Excellent way to loose the Routine

The App is very easy to handle and gives enough information about every option. I recommend this App in high grade for Vacation proposals

Satisfied customer

I ALWAYS use VRBO to schedule my beach trips!! Whether it be a one bedroom studio or a beach house to take the whole family!! I have never been disappointed yet!! I find amazing deals that allow me to make 2 2 beach trips a year!! I have recommended VRBO to MANY friends!!


I have used VRBO for13 years never disappoints. The app makes book simple and fast literally took 2 mins.


I am curious why VRBO as well as others are now charging outrageous service fees. Many times those fees are more than the rental itself which is a deterrent for me, who has been a loyal renter for many years. I now search for other sites that just don’t charge these “fees”. I would rather pay more for the rental and not ce extra “fees”. At least let me think it’s a better deal!

Best Beach Trip , ever!!!!🎉🎉

We stayed at the Long Beach Resort, and had the best property managers you could ever dream of!! K Tori Rentals, aka Marci and Andee, were the best!! We have stayed in a lot of rentals over the years, and never had the service and communication these two ladies provided!! Thanks ladies!! You are the best! 6⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!! Hope to see you next year!! Lynne

Fits the bill

We have used VRBO for several rentals. All rentals have been great and we haven’t been disappointed. We will continue to use VRBO as one of our options when looking for a home away from home.

Totally opaque

Couldn’t make heads or tails of this app. It offers no help at all once you have booked a reservation. All of the links lead back to the home page. All you can do from there is book a new reservation. This app needs a better programmer.


There is not an option to choose a place that is handicap accessible and I get tired of looking thru all the details to find out

Incredibly Beautiful Vacation Home

My family and I recently spent time in the beautiful vacation home of Katherine and Jason Mitchell in Panama City Beach, Florida. This is the most stunning condo I have ever stayed in. It’s actually more like a home than a condo. The colors are so easy on the eyes, and it was immaculate. The furnishings and appliances were all new and in excellent working order. The owners of this condo went way above the normal in the things they provide. They have thought of everything....things other condo owners have never thought of. There was nothing that we needed that wasn’t already there waiting for us. Both Mr and Mrs Mitchell were so accommodating. We have a new vacation home in Panama City Beach, Florida. After spending time in the Gulfcrest Condominium, I would never want to stay anywhere else. If I could rate it higher than a 5 star, I certainly would. Can’t wait to get back down there.

Difficulty booking

Owners do not all keep sites up to date. Tried booking multiple stays and was told the next day not available even though calendar said it was. I finally chose the immediate booking option since we were running out of time. That worked well. But the others do not when owners don’t do their part of updating the site.


Be advised that your deposit for places is 100% LOST if you cancel...even in an emergency. Recently reserved a property here 21/2 months in advance that required a $700+ deposit. Within a week of that reservation a member of our family was diagnosed with critical life ending diagnosis. We were forced to cancel trip and did so 2 months in advance. After they accepted the cancellation we were told of no refund policy. OUTRAGEOUS. I could understand a partial sum to cover there admin expense but $700 is unbelievable. I thought airlines were bad.

I like the app but there are flaws

Few buttons are not responsive enough And chekin times are not included in the property listing which is very important And more importantly don’t bug the user the get the feedback. I understand feedback is important but If I click on cancel do not ask the user for feedback for a while again.

Miss old search format

Years ago on the desktop website you were able to put in a detailed search for what you were looking for but without the destination. I loved that because I found so many other new places to explore within the frame of what I was looking for! Bring that back and I’d switch to 5 stars immediately! Love vrbo, have had so many good experiences.

Mountain Grace

Just can’t say enough nice things about this condo, owner & management. What a lovely enjoyable vacation. 🦋


My family has been using VRBO for 5 years. We book all of our vacations/weekend getaways on this site. All of the owners we deal with are so nice and so pleasant to work with. All of the condos and homes we have stayed in over the years have been a real treat. We have loved each one.

Too difficult to get to my account.

We have a reservation at a cabin in Cloudcroft, but unable to find any information about it in our account. App is not user friendly.

Forced to download for details - not found

I hate it when I am forced to download an app I don’t want or need. VRBO forced download the app for details like key code. Those details were not there. Tried to email owner but link when to reserve.

Adding a bedroom size description.

A bedroom size description should be added where customers can see what size the bedrooms are in each rooms. Example of the room is a queen size or a king size bedroom. Thank you


Easy to use. I can save places I am considering

A Diamond in the rough.

The best part of this rare little jewel in the rough, is the location in itself. The condo is steps from the beach, pool and restaurant. Cabs are waiting at the door to take you into the heart of Pto Vallarta...It takes about 20" to 25" minutes to get there. Hungry? Walk downstairs and find a great restaurant! Located as it should be "al fresco" and the food is simple and delicious. The restaurant doesn't open until 8:00 A.M. However, there is always coffee by 7:30 A.M. for which we were very grateful since we are early risers. The service there is friendly, accommodating and gracious! Don't buy food! don't cook! You don't need to! The prices at the restaurant are moderate and it has the BEST VIEWS OF THE OCEAN AND SURROUNDING AREA. WE LOVED IT THERE! By the way, Mason -the host- was very sweet and caring when we called from Pto Vallarta from the airport to ask for help with the logistics. Along the way, we stayed in touch for little tips we needed on places to visit. He was prompt to get back to us. The condo has a good shower, two suitable beds, TV and it is steps from the little beach. Word to the wise: Do not stop at any of the counters at the airport...to get a cab, just keep walking until you reach the street. You ask for a cab on the side walk, and someone will direct you to a licensed cab driver. The drivers were all super nice and accommodating. For a little extra tip, a cab driver can stop at the store before you get to the condo so you may buy some of your foods to take to the condo. My suggestion is, that you only buy only foods you will need to refrigerate, you will not want to cook but will want to eat at the restaurant for sure! Good travels, Dee and Ed

Very bad experience

Hello, we went to the property today. It was a mess between construction going on everywhere, a taxi parked in the driveway and photos that are not representative of the property. We did not stay, we would like a refund. Thanks, Hope to hear from you soon

ReserveVarious cancelled

I have a home rented thru vrbo. I used the same service to rent us a vacation home in st Martin. Got the confirmation. Took my money. Booked 10 tickets on a plane then recieved notification reservation was cancelled. I am responsible for blocking my calendar and if I don’t I am responsible for allowing that guest to stay. You need to monitor this . Scared to death to ever rent Theo here again. Nice love in st Martin

Very useful app

Glad to have the app. Makes it much easier to get info on the rental and communicate with the owner.

Horrible service

Took my money and 3 days until my reservation and nothing from owner or rental service about entry details. Should be available on line in my VRBO account. Nothing. Horrible treatment. No problem taking my money. What a sham!!!

Only fees

Just booked 3 night stay at $200/day. That somehow equates to a grand

Beware of fees!!

Beware of fees! VRBO is charging $106 just to book through them and when you add the taxes and cleaning fees the property management company charges it’s astronomical! Will never book through them again!!!

False Advertising

I’ve booked a house couple days ago I’ve waited for the owner to approve it and never did, I got a huge a hold of the owner and he told me that this house is not longer available and then this morning the house is back on the website. While searching I’ve noticed similar houses the same being advertised with no reviews at all and some with negative reviews

So far so good ..

They always ask for a review only after minutes of being on the site. As of now I am satisfied , the pictures and prices look amazing and it seems easy to contact owners. The app is easy to navigate and it doesn’t freeze or glitch. There’s not a lengthy process to search, find and book. Also they show a preview price before going all the way through the process which is a big help. So overall the APP is good. I will rewrite another review after my trip and stay at a VRBO location. 🤗


Haven’t been let down by any referrals

Vacation planning at my fingertips

Love how easy vacation planning is!!! Always looking for non-commercial type places to stay.


I paid 3- separate fees!!! Ridiculous!

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