VRBO Vacation Rentals App Reviews

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Wedding home

Amazing and easy to use

Wonderful home

Great place to stay for our daughters graduation from Tulane. Charming and convenient. Off street parking and nearby grocery store were added bonuses.

Better Filtering

I would like to have more options on the filter. And rather than searching 1+ beds or baths, it’d be nice to search a range or for a specific number only...like I need a 1 or 2 bedroom condo, depending on the number of beds, but I certainly don’t need any of these 4+ bedroom condos that are on my search results. I’d like to weed more out. Also, I’ve made favorites ‘folders’ in the past, so I could organize according to vacation. Like I have a ‘Destin’ folder. Or ‘group vaca 2019’. But now when I go to save something for a different trip, it’ll only let me choose a folder I’ve created in the past. There is no way to create a new favorites list and no way to delete or rename the lists I have. Also, would be nice to delete messages that I no longer need. It’s a pain trying to weed back through the properties I’ve inquired on and not getting them mixed up. There are a few that haven’t worked out but I have to reread through each message to find what im looking for. So those are my suggestions. Also, in the 6 years that I’ve been using vrbo (site and app) there has never been any rhyme or reason to the ‘average nightly rate’ posted on each unit. Better off getting an estimate or contacting the company to get an accurate rate. Like a unit could claim to be an average rate of $130 and come out at $2800 for the 6 nights we’re staying, but a comparable unit might say average rate $220 and total for same number of nights might be $1400. It’s misleading. Average nightly rate is just not a reliable search option on the site or app, so I don’t use it. So those are my suggestions Thanks


I love the user easy of the App, So fun, many choices, great information!

Love this app!

What more can I say it’s excellent

Searching site.

I love the app. I just wish the search arrow also went forward and not just back. I always have to start the search all over.

Not always accurate

When looking for homes, even if you put in your dates, it will give you lowest cost. Maybe it’s a problem at my end, but I keep getting final cost in Canadian dollars and can’t seem to change that.

Will use again!!!

The website was easy to use. I had a couple of questions about the rental and I called the help desk and VRBO rep mark was helpful and friendly.

Deposit Protection

This new $1500 additional deposit or your 59 fee is BS.

Cannot book

Get an error message when trying to book. Phone support yields busy signal. Completely stuck and the error message is completely unhelpful “try again later”. Now attempting Airbnb instead.


User friendly

Annoying how it resets

Literally just looked online before downloading the app and now almost all the listings aren’t showing up. Also not that user friendly.

VRBO stinks

This site quotes you prices that are lies! It is off by thousands quite often. Don’t trust a thing they quote you make sure you get in touch with the owners! Scam site.

Love It!

I love this app. Booking on my smart phone is easier than navigating on my laptop.


What a great way to book a larger place with all the amenities you would receive at a hotel but cheaper with a large family or 2! Looking forward to wonderful time!

Great site.

Easy to navigate, user friendly.

Good App, Tough time booking

I booked a property 3 days ago after having to cancel my prior booking. Had to cancel the prior booking because I got notification they were suddenly going to be jackhammering all throughout our planned trip. This second booking just called me and said, “We’re so sorry, the dates are no longer available for this property”. Get it together property management and owners! You are ruining my vacation!

Vrbo review

Love using this site to find the perfect vacation rental that fits our family by location and price.


As a person who is super careful while traveling, I must say that I have no complaints about this app. VRBO has been so helpful in finding the best places to stay and great owners.

Top Notch !

This home was amazing! Everything brand new and top notch from the furniture to kitchen pots and pans to towels and linens. The view of Lake Keowee was breathtaking from every room and porch in the house. My family came in from Europe, Cleveland, OH and California for my sons Clemson graduation. Plenty of room for all to spread out and have private bathrooms and wildly comfortable sleeping arrangement. This was the perfect place to enjoy our time together. We soaked in the hot tub overlooking the lake, paddled around in the kayaks, went fishing off the dock, sat around the fire pit at night, used the big green egg for dinners on the deck. we rented a pontoon boat and jet skis from nearby Lake Keowee Marina. The coveted dock was large and accommodating. Being 30 minutes from Clemson allowed our son and his friends to join us on the water during the day. We did not want to leave. The owner Tyler was great. He was available before our trip as well as the entire weekend to answer questions and make sure we had everything we could possibly want. It was a privilege to stay in this fabulous lake house with my family. Thank you.

Morehead City

The room was clean, comfortable, and it exceeded our expectations. Our host was excellent, thank you John! Wish I could of stayed longer to enjoy the porches.

More use than hotels

We use VRBO many times as we travel a lot for our sons swimming. This is better than hotels as we can do our own cooking and have more room to relax. This app is very easy to use. We will continue to use this when he goes to college.

Wish I could give 0 stars!

It’s impossible to communicate with VRBO!

Poor functionality

Clunky search & save Difficult to find what we were looking for. Can’t post reviews Much room for improvement

The app just makes sense

Great features easy to use.

VRBO false advertised the price

I booked a property and get a message from property owner that the price is wrong and they want another $400 for the rental. Awful. VRBO should be on the hook for the price not me.

Florence dream

We had 4 adults and had lots of space. Place is newly renovated so everything is perfect. Location couldn’t be better. Loved it.

Paso houses keep being sold

My friend and I have been trying to book houses for a friend getaway, but twice now they’ve been sold. We are having to drastically change our plans, which is wildly frustrating.

Unable to access trips

The big squashing seems to have caused more bugs on this and your sister homeaway app. Please fix soon. I have a trip coming up and need to view info.

Unpleasant experience so far...

After booking (I booked this morning) through VRBO they wash their hands of you and tell you to go online and find a number for the property manager or the owner of the unit you booked. I have questions and haven't found phone number for either party. I’m having a very difficult and unpleasant experience with VRBO. Why would I use them again?


Filters don’t seem to work. I’ve put in a price range up too 200 per night and have over 100 listings to cycle through raging 250-2500 per night


This s is a great way to catalog your favorite rentals, or ones that you want to try. I have found the descriptions and reviews to be accurate, and like how it makes it pretty easy to compare properties.

Not helpful, poor customer service

I wanted to vacation in palm spring for my birthday and my daughters 1st birthday in July. Planning ahead, I booked a home that had everything we wanted and needed to have a nice stay. The owner of the home pulled the property from the program and is no longer available. There were only a few homes that fit the criteria for what I was looking for, and they only suggested 3 homes that didn’t meet that criteria. The prices were higher, less beds, less space. Highly disappointed. I did some searching on my own and found a home that I really liked but was slightly out of price range and I discussed this with costumer service to see if they could help me find a home similar to the home that i was interested in or honor the price I previously paid since this experience was such an inconvenience and unprofessional.. they wouldn’t even transfer me to the re-booking team.. they wouldn’t even let me speak to a manager or assist me in searching for another home since “I can do that on my own” is what I was told... I wish I was making this up.. what an awful experience.

Booking a trip

I enjoyed the easy booking process, but found it difficult to modify/cancel my reservation.

A great tool for family vacations

For 23 years our family has used VRBO to find homes for family vacations, in the states, Caribbean and Mexico. In all those years we have only been disappointed once. Need a vacation home? Try VRBO.

Funky decor - great for a group of solo travelers

We had a terrific time. We were six women traveling - we each had a room to ourself and plenty of space in the common areas. We enjoyed lounging by the pool and on the dock side. Good amount of space.

Montreal property

VRBO always efficient and quick

Great Service

VRBO has been a wonderful way to plan a vacation. It is the only way we travel now Thanks Rick

Sweet home

Great location and stay! We enjoyed sitting out on the charming back patio sipping our coffee in the morn and our wine in the evenings!

Get the location you want

I was looking for a 4 bed in a certain location. After looking and looking at other sites, VRBO app had a map with all locations-easy peasy.

Using the APP

The VRBO APP makes it really easy to save and review your favorites to make your final decision on which house to choose.

Sunset cottage

Loved it, perfect, awesome, clean:)


This adorable rental sets the new standard for us! Very clean, awesome amenities. They’ve thought of everything you might need and included it. Walking distance to downtown but quiet and very homey! If you are looking to start rentals yourself, come learn from these guys. I hope they have other locations! Thanks so much guys.

Beach House

Quiet, Clean, Comfy Beach House. We had 9 ladies in our group. We all were comfortable. Enjoyed our stay at Blue Heaven.

Would Stay Here Again

We stayed 5 nights here for a family wedding and it was a great experience. It was clean, had lots of space, and the manager, Connie was very pleasant and helpful. I would stay here again without hesitation.

Not info please and sort by price

I’m looking for several places to stay is several cities is Spain and a few nights in Paris as well. I’m not seeing the sort by price option and it seems to have little info about amenities, specifically a washer and dryer.

Use to be great, but now deceptive!!

Used to love this app but it has become my last resort when looking for a rental. The trend of allowing owners to list the nightly rates of their multi-bedroom homes based on two occupants is down right deceptive. Why would anyone be looking at a 3-4 bedroom home if only a couple were staying?!? If you have anywhere close to the actual occupancy your nightly rate triples. Along with VRBO's outrageous fees and these deceptive practices it's really difficult to navigate with a budget.

Scam listings and money lost to fraud!

Hi VRBO - We booked a property in Paris through your platform with ParisLondonApartments, for which we’ve been seeking a refund for several days now. Why are we seeking the refund you ask? First red flag... - The property remained tentative booking and wasn’t confirmed - Full payment was made against the account as a hold. Second red flag.... - The property owner requested for a 200euro refundable damage deposit - We said ok, but we would only do this through VRBO. - The property owner said that we must make payment via PayPal or to provide our credit card details directly to them We then notified VRBO of our concerns and that we want to cancel the booking. They then informed us that we would get a refund, we just need to email the property owner that we are cancelling. They said the payment would be on hold and not processed. We notified the property owner, who then replied that we would not be refunded the amount, because it’s within their 60day cancellation policy. Third red flag... - The payment suddenly was processed. - We looked up the property owner on google and discovered a 1.5start rating. With all the reviews claiming this property owner is a scam We contacted VRBO, who then escalated it to the Complaint Team. We notified them of everything. They escalated it to your security team. Security team 24hrs later email us that they can not refund the money. Fourth red flag... - We contact VRBO support again, only to find that the money was transferred to the property owner We flag our concerns once again with VRBO, for it then to go to the security team once again. We are waiting for an email again. My concerns are: 1) We did as we were asked to by VRBO to notify the property owner, when they said we would be refunded 2) The property was tentative and not confirmed by the property owner. And the payment was meant to stay on hold. Only to find it was processed soon after our escalation. I did my business with VRBO and not the property owner. And just want our money back. I’m extremely appalled at the process thus far and that VRBO facilitates such business practices.

Hate checking rates

When I try to hit “View rental rates” it always takes me to my date selection. The buttons are too close!!!

All up front

Pretty bad when all funds wanted up front 6 months ahead of check in

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