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Book easy

I am a busy doctor and have used VRBO in the past with tremendous success. I’ve had nothing but wonderful vacations. The app just makes my life 100 times easier

Cabin in the Pines

Wife & I spent a week in the cabin & really enjoyed ourselves. Cabin was very clean & neat. Found out we could travel to other areas & return to watch the deer going thru in the evening. Would like to have washer & dryer available plus a little more hot water for showers. Would recommend staying here to anyone looking for peace & relaxation. Thanks Larry & Deborah.

Can’t contact owner

I have a check in tomorrow and the Ap has locked me out. There’s no number to call and no way to email. Really aggravates me and it’s a 4000 booking . Check in tomorrow with no addresses


Need to have total price plus fees displayed in search. Would make it a much faster and easier process. Pain having to open each one of to see total.


Horrible experience with a rental from South Lake Tahoe. Owner, Brain Ashcraft agreed to a rental for 2 days from December 23-25th. He canceled my vacation rental because he decided he could rent it for more days for more money. Totally rude, money hungry. Bad customer service. Apparently a owner can cancel an agreement after payment for any reason. Do NOT rent from this company or person !

Great Cabin !!

Beautiful cabin and ideal location for traveling between Helen and Blairsville for vacation fun. Fishing on the Hiawasse River was so relaxing.... we made trips into Helen and Blairsville, Brasstown Bald and just enjoyed the fantastic view from the cabin ! Owners Brian and Kelly were accessible for any questions we had (which were very few) during our stay ..... the cabin was super clean with great linens and kitchen supplies.... we can’t wait to return 😊


Waited to long fo Xmas vacation reservations..but VRBO was there for us!! Thanks

Mainsail 144

We couldn’t have had a nicer condo. It was supplied with everything we needed and so clean! Amenities at the resort were awesome- pool temp was always refreshing and the ocean area was the best yet for us!!! We will be back soon 💕❤️.

Why do the filters keep auto-removing?

How many times do I have to repeat that I’m traveling with a pet or the number in my party? Please figure a way to lock in this data so if I book a space, I feel confident. If I click and highlight the pet paw, it should stay that way all throughout the trip search.

Verges on Useless, at Best

The prices change *wildly* from the advertised rate in search results to what the final price is when you go to book. I also had the first two attempts at booking cancelled on me, immediately AFTER a $2k charge was put on my card. The kicker was that the owner told me that *I* had to call to get refunded. Like I said, useless app at best. At worst, I’m out thousands of dollars, and wasted time on this junk while rates went up.

Villa hardy lovely place

It a beautiful place, very clean and nice is a dream to be here.

Misleading / False Prices / Crazy Fee’s

Literally every property I pull up is DOUBLED when you go to book it. Very very very misleading. 2 nights for $549 turned into $1,075!! Are you serious?!! Can we LIMIT these fees?!! Ridiculous. Service fee? For WHAT! Umm, already charged a extraordinary Cleaning FEE & a Processing Fee! Processing FEE and Service FEE? This is different??? Ohhh plus a deposit that is as much as moving into a new apartment. Ohhh then we have the taxes & damage waiver?! Piles of fees that are for the same thing. Ridiculous. Letting everyone I know to be aware.

No payment info

I see payment info on the iPad version but not on the iPhone version (I’m on a 6s with latest iOS )

No guarantee property owners will confirm what you book

Property owners list and show dates available and I book by inputting credit card but property owners have 24 hours to accept booking and if they don’t respond you have no recourse as you cannot write a negative review that owners listing items that do not intend on booking or worse are screening potential short term rentals based on ethnicity.

2018 stay

We had a wonderful time in aug.2018 we stay at Black Bear fall was a beautiful place and so easy to book thur VRBO . We are looking forward to 2019 trip at Bear Crossing thanks for making it easy to book.

Services are forcing people to go Private with Owners now.

This last year I have seen all the Service fees go up so much that people are being forced to go privately and totally bypassing VRBO, AIrbnb,etc. Sad put true!

Poor filter choices

Amenities’ filter needs improvement. Very few options - need to add more like air conditioning, washer/dryer, etc. Would save customers A LOT of time and work! I stopped using the app since it gave me 8,000+ results when really only 150 or so for my requirements.


Great app, easy to use!

Great but needs improvement

I like alot of the things on this app EXEPT how far away they list rental options when you search....& sometimes you can’t even see the city in the title...so you search Poulsbo Wa for example & it gives options in Seattle which is an entire ferry ride away...

Terms changed after booking

We made a reservation for a two night stay at $220.00/night with a two night minimum. We were then contacted the next day by the owner who said he hadn’t updated the website and that it was actually $270.00/night with a three night minimum. I wasn’t aware that advertised rates could be changed after booking through VRBO...We will stick to traditional hotels from now on.

Terrible website; miserable booking experience using live non-English-speaking support!!

Website refused to confirm. Back to Four Seasons. Impossible to reach anyone in US. Will never again use this website/service!!

Airbnb is better for landlords and renters

We have a property listed on both VRBO and Airbnb. VRBO charges the landlord more and takes *weeks* longer to pay-out. Needless to say, we almost always choose Airbnb renters over VRBO renters if we have compe. If you’re a renter know that other landlords on both services will likely prefer you to go through Airbnb.

Very convenient

Love using this app! Never had a problem.

No email responses

Owner is not responding to any emails. Owner only wants full payment without answering any emails. Not sure emails on/through VRBO website are working

Awesome 80th Birthday celebration

We so enjoyed your cabin and its warm and welcoming atmosphere and awesome views. Our two sons and their families were there to help their dad celebrate his 80th. The most beautiful thing was the brilliant stars. I laid on the master bedroom with the patio door curtains pulled and I felt I could reach out and touch them. Reminded me of watching the stars on the farm where I was raised. No city lights make them very visible. Spent time in the creek and Mt Princeton Hot Springs. Just a relaxing kick back several days.

Thumbs up!

We love using the VRBO app to plan trips with our family! Very user friendly.

Bait and switch

Please make sure that your vendors input minimum-night limitations so that we do not waste time making a reservation and then having it canceled because we are not staying enough nights. It should be relatively easy for vendors to identify minimum-night limitations in their ads on your site. Otherwise, making such a reservation, and then having the vendor call to talk you into staying another night or face a unilateral cancellation, is not only an unfair “bait and switch” but also a breach of contract facilitated by your service as the vendor’s agent. I trust that you will allocate resources to make such limitations easily available for vendors or else require vendors to abide by agreements struck through your service if they fail to do so. Good luck!

Traveling returnee

Have used vrbo for las Angels , Tahoe, San Diego, and Hawaii . Very happy in the houses we used. I recommend to all going on vacation .

New VRBO users

We are thrilled to be able to use this high quality product with such ease. You can be extremely proud of your accomplishments in the presentation of the VRBO program. We will be dedicated users for the rest of our lives and will extol this wonderful experience to friends and family. Thank you 🙏, Leo and Lorry Öcker p.s. the umlauts are for pronunciation purposes.

So far so good

New to site and so far it is working fine.


We were looking for a lake house and contacted a few properties... only to find out the pricing was almost DOUBLE what he average is!!! This is a joke. Great app, but what does the average price help me do??? And then the reservation fee is unreal... never booking right through the app. Great to find places to contact off the books....

Alternative to Airbnb and Trip Advisor

Needs more mid-range, work type dwellings. Pricing can be very misleading. Properties seem better than average. Just booked, will let you know...

Listing 279278 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Property was listed at 250.00 a night, dates we wanted were for the hot air balloon festival in 2019, which they said were available, so we sent in a request, was denied, said that don’t make reservations a year in advanced. We sent an message saying that we were very much interested, then they said they were probably not going to rent it out next year, ok fine, we moved to the next one. Then we got a a message saying we could have it $850.00 a night! If you not going to honor the price you have listed then don’t list, was a waste of my time and I would never make a reservation with any one who jumped their price that much. We had a group of 12 people going.

So easy!!

I love VRBO!! I use it to book our get always. We have never been disappointed with our stays or the service we receive!

Unit number

Get a dang unit number to be added on the app

Honest opinion

Best site ever!!! I have used it 4 times & every time I was blown away!!!

Love this site

I have used this site for the last 5 years and have never been disappointed.

Multiple stays

We have used this service for numerous guys trips and now a friends and family trip. This is a five star service.

You’re not a For Rent by owner company anymore.

I used to be able to communicate with owners and negotiate an agreeable price for owner and renter. Now you’re letting the rental companies run you. Count me as one less happy customer.

Difficult to maneuver!

I am not happy with the VRBO/ Home Away site. It is MUCH more difficult to navigate. I have an upcoming cabin rental...this may be the last time I use your site... Why can’t I just put in my rental number and have it take me to the site? WXYZ1234LMC2727


Need a better way to follow up on rental property after offer has been made. Site makes it difficult to recheck property you made offer on

Easy to use

This app has become very easy to use... it works well! I have used this a lot in the past year both for renting in the near term and reserving almost a year away. No problems... no fuss... 5 stars

The HomeAway

Love this site and the easy access to see so many cabins

Easy to use

Love that you just look at city you want and the map feature is great. Very easy and fast to find what you want

Very unhelpful on pricing

Search works okay, but the fact that weekend rates can be dramatically more than weekday rates makes the avg rate listed while browsing near useless. Have to click on every property and look at the availability and rate for the time period. If it was consistent I could do the math in my head. Instead it’s sometimes 2x average on weekends and sometimes over 3x average.


Thanks to this app my family have made many wonderful memories.

Great home away from home

We loved your deck! There was more than enough plates, glasses, cookware, etc. We enjoyed taking LYFT/UBER to all the fun places on Broadway! It was very nice and cool in the house. (We never touched the thermostat) even though it was in the 90’s very day. The grocery store was a short walk around the corner for necessities which was super. The little extras you supplied were so nice and thoughtful. When we come back to Nashville again we hope to stay here. Loved all of your photos. It was just a fun-packed weekend and our “Base Camp” was fantastic! Thanks again for your hospitality!

Big Bend Nat’l Park

We are looking forward to enjoying the area and this rental in Alpine is making the end of our trip as exciting as the beginning


My husband and I love this it is wonderful,

Very Upset Right Now

We got in late and we we're told at the gate by the inept guard that we could not enter. He wouldn't even let my 76yo mother use the bathroom and wanted me to back out of the entrance (w a trailer) instead of turning around inside the gate.

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